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CommonBond Picks Up $275 Million In New Lending Capacity

The online lending market continues to generate heat in the financial services sector as student lending service CommonBond rakes in another $275 million in available lending capital.

Former Wall St titans shake-up banking with fintech investments

They made their name on Wall Street. Now, they are trying to disrupt it.

Some of world’s highest-profile bankers have poured millions of dollars into the booming fintech sector during the past year as they tap into new technology providing online financial services from payments and lending to digital currencies and cross-border transfers.

Hans Morris and Nyca Partners Bridge the Coasts

The venture capital cultures of Wall Street and Silicon Valley “don’t get each other,” says former Citigroup and Visa executive Hans Morris. He founded Nyca Partners in 2014 to promote mutual understanding in identifying financial technology investment opportunities. The firm’s themes: digital advice, alternative credit, payments and infrastructure.

Meet GoodWorld, the Startup Revolutionizing Online Charity

Now you can donate to your favorite cause just by tweeting, thanks to GoodWorld founder Dale Pfeifer.

The 2015 Fintech Finance 35: The Financiers Who Place the Bets

For the bankers, venture capitalists and other financing and facilitating the fintech explosion, it’s not just a money game. Strategic vision and networking are just as critical.