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U.S. fintech venture firm Nyca raises $125 million for new fund

The company said on Friday that it had secured more than $125 million in commitments for the new fund which will focus on backing young companies in sectors such as alternative lending, digital investment advice and financial infrastructure.

Hans Morris’ Nyca Partners announces new $125 million fund

Nyca Investment Fund, LP will be one of the largest fintech-focused funds to launch…

This startup wants to mix the best things about credit and debit into a single card — and it has a 50,000-person waitlist

Credit card companies want you to fall behind and start racking up debt, Zero CEO Bryce Galen tells Business Insider. That’s how they make their money. That can, however, be brutal for the consumer, and it’s one reason millennials have drifted toward debit cards.

Why Banks Won’t Be Left Out of Fintech 2.0

The second wave of the fintech boom is here, says David Sica, a principal at venture capital firm Nyca Partners. First came the startups with their ideas, now banks are leveraging those ideas and delivering to customers.

IBM Bets on Bitcoin Ledger

International Business Machines Inc. is becoming the biggest backer of a technology that underpins the Bitcoin digital currency. In the coming year, IBM will begin testing its own variation on the transactional software known as blockchain, aiming to simplify life for customers who lease IBM’s computer hardware, the company said.